At APT we provide our clients with the option of outsourcing the design, printing, data processing, personalization, and mailing services portion of their vital business communications. APT are specialists in consultation and production, resulting in creative, managed solutions with outstanding attention given to quality, detail, accuracy and efficiency.


Since 1994 APT has executed the complete production and mailing of this application successfully in different municipalities. During these 25 plus years APT has developed the skills and knowledge needed to guarantee flawless execution.

Benefits APT offers include:

  • All facets of a project will be managed and coordinated by APT. You will receive high quality service managed by professionals, with a total of 25 plus years experience in the industry.
  • A great deal of our success stems from our hands on approach. Our clients feel that we really know all the details of their projects while our level of service is excellent.
  • All production is in the Chicagoland area, providing excellent service and fast turnaround on custom programs.

Scope of Service

The APT utility bill production service offers Municipalities the following value-added features that could enhance their mailing packages.

  • I.D. tag on the face of outer envelope ( i.e. Utility Bill Enclosed ) - This feature will help distinguish the mail piece as a bill. As a result, this envelope should not get lost or thrown away.
  • 600 dots per inch laser quality – provides a state-of the-art, dark personalized image, which will make the document easy to read, especially for senior citizens.
  • Smart imaging – Ability to image special messages on different types of bills including; Direct Debit bills, Past Dues, Credit Card Accounts, etc.
  • OCR font and barcode capabilities - Depending on your current and future needs for remittance and processing, APT offers a full range of scanning imaging technology.
  • All qualifying mail pieces will be sent at the lowest rate possible which is a 1st class automated 5-digit sort rate.
  • Business reply envelope - Utilizing a window on the return envelope will promote the return of the remittance stub. Closed face envelopes are also available. In either case Direct Debit Accounts will not receive a reply envelope in their bill package.
  • Usage history graph available based on history data provided.
  • Group or multipage billing is available based on customer name or account number.
  • The proposed envelope billing also gives the Municipality the opportunity to insert a number of generic brochures of flyers.
  • APT can also split the file to selectively exclude a reply envelope for direct debit accounts or including generic inserts.
  • The complete mailing file will be provided in a PDF format for proof review prior to the mailing.
  • APT offers ebilling services.